Let’s Find Mommy and Daddy

Came across an old poem I wrote as a young boy. Enjoy.

Daddy’s gone, but not like that.
We will find him; get your coat, and your hat.
Mommy’s gone too.
Do you know where she’s at?
I can’t wait to see them; I won’t know how to react.

What’s daddy’s name?
I think it is Harold. Last I heard he wore
orange apparel.
Let’s go wherever he is.
Let him finally meet two of his four kids.

I had a dream mommy died; when I woke up I
couldn’t help but cry. I stayed there until my tears dried.
Look at my leg; do you see what mommy did?
She left me with people who smoked cigarettes.
I don’t really remember, but white ladies
brought me to the Patterson family.

Let’s just find daddy because I don’t want to
see mommy.
She left me in a home with a mean old lady.
Dinner I liked, but I hated the belt I met every night.

I think I’d look away when mommy opens the door.
As for daddy; I hope he stops drinking, and prays to the lord.
As for us, I don’t feel like playing house anymore.

By: Hakim Tyree


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