31 Day Challenge — Vegan

I am challenging myself to be partake in the HCRV lifestyle for the month of May. Who knows, I may even consider it another month… or two. During the month of April I tried a day here and there to see what I would be getting myself into. Boy was it hard. I was full off of one apple for breakfast and two bananas for lunch. I developed some tingling feelings in the extremities. It frightened me and I thought ” no, vegan is not for me”. Days went on and coworkers were intrigued in the notion of no more meat. My supervisor said I wouldn’t last, as well as others who know I have a love for fried chicken. All the more to prove them wrong. Fruits until 4pm and a cooked meal for dinner was the goal.

May 1st, approximately 7am I devoured a chocolate chip cookie offered to me by a dear friend and coworker. I completely just failed as a vegan. I figured that was it. I couldn’t last for 7 hours. My bro Rigaud, (I like to call him my sponsor) said i could start from scratch right then and there. No more mistakes, slip-ups or delicious chocolate chip cookies. I left work at 730 as I work overnights and went to get some apples, oranges, bananas, granola, jugs for my smoothies, family size orange juice – super expensive IMO but satisfying, rice, corn penne pasta, and lastly, potatoes. I’m ready!


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