Vegan — Day 3 of 31

Guys, I am in good spirits. Hope all of you are as well. I bought a case of bananas. 100 soon to be ripe bananas. All mine!! I got a lot of looks at Trader Joes. The cashier was inquisitive. “Making a ton of smoothies huh”? “Yes ma’am. Don’t forget my bags of corn pasta.” Walking to the car the gentleman collecting carts asked if I had enough bananas. Was he trying to make conversation or being a smartass. His tone said suggested option two. No it was not enough. It has come to my attention I am not eating as much raw foods as I should before having my cooked meal. It’s only day three I have to remind people including myself. Quitting is not an option. Temptation is merely eight feet away. My sister had the audacity to offer me chicken parmesan yesterday and oxtails for Sunday’s dinner knowing I am implementating a very new diet. 30bad is inspiring and a constant reminder to stay on task. I appreciate the encouraging words from those who have reached out to me and have shared your experience. Here I am 3 days in and some of you with decades under your belt. I applaud you.

P.S: I feel amazing


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