Vegan — Day 4 of 31

If going vegan wasn’t hard enough try going vegan and working overnight. In my endeavor scheduling is a quandary. WHERE IS MY RAW UNTIL 4? If there is a will there is a way, but I sure could use some advice on the matter. I just downed an apple and banana smoothie. It was exquisite. Four days in and I’ve become disciplined. “No, I do not want your coffee or cookies, or donuts.” I have bananas. I politely have to decline my coworkers and their sweet goods. I am on a path where I’m feeling good, staying focused, and becoming a urinating extremist. I hope the last part simmers down a bit. I have become fixated on being a vegan. Researching do’s and dont’s, searching blogs, recipes, the nearest farmers market, and looking at a great deal of pictures. Many of the pictures I’m seeing make me feel as though I have some work to do and a long ways to go. There of those making smoothies w/ various ingredients, fruits unheard of, and homemade sauces for potatoes and salads. In a YouTube video a gentleman takes on an entire watermelon in solid form. My goodness. I am not backing out by all means. I wanna be that gentleman.

Finding a lot of people are indifferent about vegan’s lifestyles. Laughing at a community they don’t understand, a lifestyle they do not comprehend.  Tell you what, I’ll keep my bananas for myself. Whatever!


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