Vegan — Day 5 of 31

More research; various websites, friends, and coworkers provided more insight. HCRV is huuuuge. Ignorance is not bliss. Day 5 is bliss. Looked up some recipes for sauces to complement my dinner. I need a personal chef to make my meals after the recipes I perused. Though complexed, I’m fascinated and I must try. Guess what I was doing completely wrong five days ago? Not waiting for my bananas to spot. I learned a truly riped banana gives you the best benefits. Thanks a million Katie for the article.…

I just joined 2 different groups. Banana Island and HCRV. You can bet your case of bananas there will be more in the near future. You know there’s a group for single fruitarians. HA! I love 30bad.

Wanted to get your opinion on my eating schedule as I may be comotose when I should be consuming raw until four. I work overnights 11pm-730am and during that time I will consume my fruits. 730am I plan to eat my cooked meal and knock out around 1230pm to 230pm. What do you think?

Hope everyone enjoyed Cinco De Mayo. Take care 😉 


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