Vegan — Day 6 of 31

Still in good spirits but what a day. It all started from last night; couldn’t sleep to save my life. I slept when I should have been up getting ready for work at 11pm. I see 10:52pm on my phone. OMG!!!! I’m scrambling all over. No time for a pressed shirt and tie. Polo sweater will suffice. I’ll brush my teeth at work. Work I.D. – check, car keys – check, wallet – check, house keys – check. … Doing 50 on a 25 speed limit street I made it to work 6 minutes late. Damnit I left my smoothies!

How convenient would Dominos cheese pizza and buffalo wings be given the circumstances? Don’t worry guys I’m not going to do it. I have three apples and some orange juice in my car to last me until 730am and then the buffet will commence. I’m thinking I finish off the corn pasta, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Make some potatoes, rice and kale. I can’t believe I haven’t had kale until 6 days ago. First, I need to run to Whole Foods and purchase this organic jam my boy told me to get to complement the rice and potatoes.

My case of bananas are taking forever to ripe. -_-


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