A Window Missed

His fourth notion was attaining entrance by force
He implored and pleaded for admittance,
but it quickly grew faint.

As his opening is visibly locked, barred,
and blocked by razor-sharp glass,
he finds his time has exhausted.

Restricted, and in constant conflict throughout
his three decades of life.

A misfit, with issues of committment,
dealing with abandonment;
too afraid for kids and a wife.

Bounded in a community, surrounded by negativity,
with leading hands advising all roads lead to failure.

Mis-educated by teachings and preachings meant to uplift him.
Instead, he is ignorant of self-significance,
with no guidance to turn to.

Disappointingly reflecting on the neglect received,
the affects of absentees,
who vow to love you unconditionally.

Encountering setback after setback
blinds his eye, and interrupts his ability to grow.
For once he was given another oppurtunity,
he deliberately missed his window


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