Reunited and It Feels So Good



A Window Missed

His fourth notion was attaining entrance by force
He implored and pleaded for admittance,
but it quickly grew faint.

As his opening is visibly locked, barred,
and blocked by razor-sharp glass,
he finds his time has exhausted.

Restricted, and in constant conflict throughout
his three decades of life.

A misfit, with issues of committment,
dealing with abandonment;
too afraid for kids and a wife.

Bounded in a community, surrounded by negativity,
with leading hands advising all roads lead to failure.

Mis-educated by teachings and preachings meant to uplift him.
Instead, he is ignorant of self-significance,
with no guidance to turn to.

Disappointingly reflecting on the neglect received,
the affects of absentees,
who vow to love you unconditionally.

Encountering setback after setback
blinds his eye, and interrupts his ability to grow.
For once he was given another oppurtunity,
he deliberately missed his window

Vegan — Day 6 of 31

Still in good spirits but what a day. It all started from last night; couldn’t sleep to save my life. I slept when I should have been up getting ready for work at 11pm. I see 10:52pm on my phone. OMG!!!! I’m scrambling all over. No time for a pressed shirt and tie. Polo sweater will suffice. I’ll brush my teeth at work. Work I.D. – check, car keys – check, wallet – check, house keys – check. … Doing 50 on a 25 speed limit street I made it to work 6 minutes late. Damnit I left my smoothies!

How convenient would Dominos cheese pizza and buffalo wings be given the circumstances? Don’t worry guys I’m not going to do it. I have three apples and some orange juice in my car to last me until 730am and then the buffet will commence. I’m thinking I finish off the corn pasta, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Make some potatoes, rice and kale. I can’t believe I haven’t had kale until 6 days ago. First, I need to run to Whole Foods and purchase this organic jam my boy told me to get to complement the rice and potatoes.

My case of bananas are taking forever to ripe. -_-

Vegan — Day 5 of 31

More research; various websites, friends, and coworkers provided more insight. HCRV is huuuuge. Ignorance is not bliss. Day 5 is bliss. Looked up some recipes for sauces to complement my dinner. I need a personal chef to make my meals after the recipes I perused. Though complexed, I’m fascinated and I must try. Guess what I was doing completely wrong five days ago? Not waiting for my bananas to spot. I learned a truly riped banana gives you the best benefits. Thanks a million Katie for the article.…

I just joined 2 different groups. Banana Island and HCRV. You can bet your case of bananas there will be more in the near future. You know there’s a group for single fruitarians. HA! I love 30bad.

Wanted to get your opinion on my eating schedule as I may be comotose when I should be consuming raw until four. I work overnights 11pm-730am and during that time I will consume my fruits. 730am I plan to eat my cooked meal and knock out around 1230pm to 230pm. What do you think?

Hope everyone enjoyed Cinco De Mayo.¬†Take care ūüėȬ†

Vegan — Day 4 of 31

If going vegan wasn’t hard enough try going vegan and working overnight. In my endeavor scheduling is a quandary. WHERE IS MY RAW UNTIL 4? If there is a will there is a way, but I sure could use some advice on the matter. I just downed an apple and banana smoothie. It was exquisite. Four days in and I’ve become disciplined. “No, I do not want your coffee or cookies, or donuts.” I have bananas. I politely have to decline my coworkers and their sweet goods. I am on a path where I’m feeling good, staying focused, and becoming a urinating extremist. I hope the last part simmers down a bit. I have become fixated on being a vegan. Researching do’s and dont’s, searching blogs, recipes, the nearest farmers market, and looking at a great deal of pictures. Many of the pictures I’m seeing make me feel as though I have some work to do and a long ways to go. There of those making smoothies w/ various ingredients, fruits unheard of, and homemade sauces for potatoes and salads. In a YouTube video a gentleman takes on an entire watermelon in solid form. My goodness. I am not backing out by all means. I wanna be that gentleman.

Finding a lot of people are indifferent about vegan’s lifestyles. Laughing at a community they don’t understand, a lifestyle they do not comprehend. ¬†Tell you what,¬†I’ll keep my bananas for myself. Whatever!

Vegan — Day 3 of 31

Guys, I am in good spirits. Hope all of you are as well. I bought a case of bananas. 100 soon to be ripe bananas. All mine!! I got a lot of looks at Trader Joes. The cashier was inquisitive. “Making a ton of smoothies huh”? “Yes ma’am. Don’t forget my bags of corn pasta.” Walking to the car the gentleman collecting carts asked if I had enough bananas. Was he trying to make conversation or being a smartass. His tone said suggested option two. No it was not enough. It has come to my attention I am not eating as much raw foods as I should before having my cooked meal. It’s only day three I have to remind people including myself. Quitting is not an option. Temptation is merely eight feet away. My sister had the audacity to offer me chicken parmesan yesterday and oxtails for Sunday’s dinner knowing I am implementating a very new diet. 30bad is inspiring and a constant reminder to stay on task.¬†I appreciate the encouraging words from those who have reached out to me and have shared your experience. Here I am 3 days in and some of you with decades under your belt. I applaud you.

P.S: I feel amazing

31 Day Challenge — Vegan

I am challenging myself to be¬†partake in the HCRV lifestyle¬†for the month of May. Who knows, I may even consider it another month… or two. During the month of April I tried a day here and there to see what I would be getting myself into. Boy was it hard. I was full off of one apple for breakfast and two bananas for lunch. I developed some tingling feelings in the extremities. It frightened me and I thought ” no, vegan is not for me”. Days went on and coworkers were intrigued in the notion of no more meat. My supervisor said I wouldn’t last, as well as others who know I have a love for fried chicken. All the more to prove them wrong. Fruits until 4pm and a¬†cooked meal for dinner was the goal.

May 1st, approximately 7am I devoured a chocolate chip cookie offered to me by a dear friend and coworker. I completely just failed as a vegan. I figured that was it. I couldn’t last for 7 hours. My bro Rigaud, (I like to call him my sponsor) said i could start from scratch right then and there. No more mistakes, slip-ups or delicious chocolate chip cookies. I left work at 730 as I work overnights and went to get some apples, oranges, bananas, granola, jugs for my smoothies, family size orange juice – super expensive¬†IMO but satisfying, rice, corn¬†penne pasta, and lastly, potatoes. I’m ready!